Learning, education & growing without school

Collaborative Learning

My current favourite definition of education is: Engaging with everything living and non-living. It is possible that in India our curriculum makers would, hearing this, jump to list everything living and non-living and then only consider our education complete once a student has engaged with everything. Finding this impossible, we could subscribe to the Indian

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Learning is like breathing: Connecting one inhale to another exhale!

When Ishaan was as young as two, he loved horses and trains. And Gourika always loved Hindi films like me.  So we would sit together and watch the famous Indian film Sholay, the Indian action film of all times. Well I liked the film always for its story and Amitabh Bachchan and the great romance

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Shining with Video Games

I was trapped by the good-mommy-status I had conferred on myself when Raghu was little… timed sessions of TV and Videos, timed sessions with electronic things in general, only whole-grain food, no candy, no refined sugar, etc.  I was coming from the perspective that these things sucked children of their imagination, education, nutrition, health, etc.

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Socialization for children growing up without school

Often I and many other parents who do not send their children to school face this question repeatedly… “What about socialisation?” Depending on who is asking the question and what the real intentions of the person asking the question is, I frame my answer. If the person’s intention is to see how convinced I am

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The philosophy of unschooling

Claude Alvares is one of the most distinguished personality in alternate education community. A renowned environmentalist from Goa, Claude is the editor of the Other India Press, an alternative publication based in India and the director of the Goa Foundation. Claude is a PhD from the Technische Hogeschool, Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. Presented below is

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