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स्वशिक्षण – Indian Association of Homeschoolers is a non-profit initiative of homeschooling children, parents, guardians and friends. The members of this association include homeschoolers residing in India, irrespective of nationality & homeschoolers of Indian origin, irrespective of location. Just like the idea of homeschooling, Swashikshan is not bound by four walls or driven by hierachies. It is a flat organisation where every member represents the organisation. However, for logistical reasons, we created small teams to handle specific activities of the association.

The key objectives of the association are as follows:

  • To act as a unified  national body to support, represent, protect & empower homeschoolers (parents/guardians and students) and their rights
  • To advocate the right of a child to learn in a healthy unrestricted environment enabled by traditional and/or non-traditional methods of learning
  • To advocate the right of all homeschooled children to take the age appropriate entrance exams for admissions in colleges in India or abroad
  • To ensure that homeschooled children are not discriminated in any way and enjoy all the benefits pertaining to their age/capacity
  • To create & share a resource/ information  pool & network with like minded parents and children
  • To guide /counsel parents who wish to know or opt for such an approach for education for their children

If you want to know how we came up with this name, what the name means and what does the logo represents then please read the article – What’s in a name.

36 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Congratulations! I give my whole hearted support for this much needed initiative. My children are grown up and I do not home school now ( I did when they were young) but offer an exclusive space for families and children for sessions and peer interactions, which they missed when they were homeschooling. Would like to become a member if your Memorandum permits. Thanks, Vidya Shankar. AMI Elementary teacher. CASCADE Montessori Resource centre, Chennai

  2. I read about this initiative in Pune Mirror yesterday and was so excited to see such national level initiative. I have always felt the current education system is a burden to the child and had very firm in my mind that I am not going to send my kid to the conventional schooling system. But wondered where & how to start. I would like to join this group/initiative and would really like to educate myself on how can I do the home schooling of my kid(s), whenever I have.

  3. Swashikshan congrats ! India much needed this ! I am very much with the concept of homeschooling my two kids.Your information posed to be very useful and helped curbing my doubts so far ! I am sure I am going to visit this site again and again.Thanks a lot !

  4. I’ve a 13 yr old son who is in 8th class now. He wants to do home-schooling in 9th class because he wants to go ahead in the field of web designing of which he thinks, can be better by home-schooling. Please give any contact numbers to call on and get information for the procedures.

    Thank You,
    Sunita Gupta

  5. Vidhya Manohar

    what a relief! I have been into conventional teaching for over a decade and know how much it can hamper a child’s holistic development.I was planning homeschooling for my children but did not know where to start. congrats! I wholeheartedly support this initiative.

  6. hi…i am shubhangi from thane. my son, smit is 5, n going to cbse pattern school. but he dosent like his school. because of many reasons. he is very much in linguistic n art. i am always experimenting with him through the art, though i am a fine artist.his teachers first complaint about him , that he is asking many questions?…i didnt get this…but now we are thinking some other solution for his education.

  7. It is a long dream of mine to start home schooling method ..coz I am seeing children losing their identity and joy of learning in schools.can you pls guide me the system and how to start this in our place .need your help and guidance.awaiting for your reply.. Sangeetha

    1. Hey Sangeetha,
      Good to know that you are interested in home schooling, I am also keen to start something on this in my place.

      Have you made any progress still? Please inbox me.

  8. Marvellous..to read it..
    Thanks..a..lot..for creating this website on such a valuable topic.. I’m also willing to get my daughter educated at home. I need more information on this issue.
    BEST WISHES..for this great initiative..

  9. Chenthamarai selvi

    Hi ,good to hear ,my son is 7years he doesn’t like to go to schoo. I don’t know how to handle him .will this be a better option anybody pls reply.I’m confused

  10. My daughter is currently reading in class-ix under CBSE curriculum.I only cherished the all these years that she eat, sleep and be merry with a little bit of study so that she gets promotion in class.Knowing about you in ANANDABAZAR today, I think I got the place to place my child.I know she does not like conventional schooling .Instead she is very fond of dancing,music,computer video etc.As a parent,how do I proceed with her? Lead, kindly light!

  11. I am reaching 80th year of life. Being a fresh refugee migrant from newly created Pakistan (in 1947), I was home schooled under compelling circumstances. Condemned by all and one, the future looked quite bleak to me. Nevertheless, my efforts and the time both were on my side. Though I could not do wonders, I manged to obtain post graduate from London University and 2 Indian PGs. I can vouch that home schooling is in no way inferior to any form of schooling.’

  12. I am very much interested in home schooling and I hate Indian education system. So kindly tell me the actual procedure on how to home school my son and I am thinking to join him to school in 9th std only , so I need proper certificates right to provide to the school stating that my son is qualified to study 9th std. Please let me know soon. And I would like to be a part of this group.

  13. Subramanian G.S

    Hello, I am looking at home schooling my kids but since we are working Proffesionals, I kindly request anyone in this group to suggest some good tutors for teaching IGSE syllabus for 1st and 3rd Std, in Chennai. I stay in Vadapalani and can commute in and around. Basically I want them to attend classes for 4 hours a day. Any help from group members will be highly appreciated.

  14. Hi,
    I have been searching for this since last two years. I wanted my twin daughter’s to have their education in unconventional way. They are 6 years old and now they are in “cbsc school”. They need help…
    I hope your initiative will change their life …
    Pleas help us for making them enjoy learning…
    Thank you for the initiative…

  15. Dear Team,

    Thank you very much for all your efforts and guidance for Indian Parents as we can find many platforms for UK/US parents unlike India.Also appreciate the parents courage n decision to give quality time to their kids by homeschooling.
    I was looking for such platform from long time for my daughters..this articles and useful information will help our family for taking decision.

    Keep it Up and All the Best!

    1. Hi I am looking for my son’s home schooling option as we are going to stay in China and I wish my son’s study to be continued without interruption..Can you please suggest me how to get it done or if it is possible through here. Thanks

  16. Hi … I gave a thinking on homeschooling and hats off for the initiative… Would want to know more as to how I can admit my child in to the homeschooling …. I live in Hyderabad…. please let me know all about it …. Thanks….

  17. Hello Madam/Sir,

    I had just discovered your institution online. But I couldn’t find the information I was looking for. I’d like to know if the admission of 4th std is available and what are requirements for it as well as I wanted information about the syllabus and If the institution is based in mumbai or if there are any centres available in mumbai were I can proceed with admission.


  18. I have two kids one is in grade 3 and another is in grade 8. I want to start or do their admission in homeschooling, We stay in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. Please let me know about it.

  19. Hello..

    Very happy to see such initiatives at national level. I am very much interested to know about the home schooling stuff. I want my kid to be involved in such schooling rather than the routine hectic scheduled school life.

    Am based out in Karnataka, please do let me know more details on homeschooling

  20. Hi

    Great to know that we (Indian) have courage to challenge the system. I work with a school where we are also doing the same what you have done, but we are attempting to do it with another form of challenge.

    We don’t have classroom education pattern so we “educate” our kids with Project based education, where they do every possible practical activity by with they can learn, we are also preparing them for asking what they want to know so they are learning beyond boundaries. We would like to know more about your pedagogy of learning so that we can also incorporate your experience to our learning process. If possible kindly connect to us by email : [email protected]
    or by phone : +91-9953367501

  21. Hi, ‘am a Puneite and about to take the plunge into homeschooling, for my 11yr old son. Am aware there will be hiccups, roadblocks and numerous queries on the course ahead. It would be nice to connect with homeschooling parents in Pune, to learn from them, their experiences about this unconventional mode of learning. Could someone kindly share their contact details at [email protected]

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