Coming home to school

The news channel NDTV runs a show called India Matters. The show featured a story on homeschooling that ran into two parts. Many homeschoolers in India were interviewed for the programme. Though it is interesting to see homeschooling being talked about in the national media, the programme made many homeschoolers wonder if the show did justice to the idea of homeschooling. The sequence of ‘selected’ sound bytes and super-imposed imagery somewhere seemed judgemental. But then debates are always welcome.

NDTV writes about the programme – “The best thing is not school, at least in their world. It’s a world called home schooling, by parents who have opted out of mainstream schooling for their children. Some parents, however, make it a point to refer to it as home education. The home schooling world is generally without classes or exams, and without limits on how much children can play.”

One can see the videos by following these links: