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Arun Lassery

Chetana K

Dola Dasgupta

Hema Bhardwaj

Hema & Dev Jain

Hemant Kutti

Himadri Gupta Pachori

K Srilata

Mathew S Peedikayil


Poonam Kurani

Priya Desikan

Priya Ravi

Puneet Bhatnagar

Rashmie Jaaju

Sejal Patel Chevli

Sangeetha Shankar

Sangeetha Sriram

Sanjyot Hardikar

Vidyut Kale

Viveka Sah

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24 thoughts on “Homeschoolers online

  1. Hi,
    I am really looking for some thing like this. I don’t want my baby to grow up in controlled environment of 4 walls around her and inside her.

    But, I have couple of questions bugging me.

    1. How are you compensating for the loss of Kids social life. Once Home-schooling days are over, they have to face this competitive world either in Collage or job.
    2. What is the best way of spending time with Kids. Is it better spend through out the day without pre-set timings as and when Kid needs it or should have disciplined timings. (only Timing not what or how they are learning).
    I like spending through out the day, but I have to go to job.

    3. How to make sure that they will be able to survive after the school days are over and they enter collage days.


  2. Geetha

    I am seriously considering the idea of homeschooling my child. Before I go that route, I want to get a few things cleared. My objective is to provide her an environment that would nurture her potential which is not happening in school. I feel most of her time spent in school in unproductive. So I am all willing to do it if I know how to get her assessed annually to get a grade stamp. Also how can she participate in competitive exams like asset, olympiad etc

    • Navin Pangti

      olympiad etc should not be a problem but regular assessment is something which most homeschoolers do not go for. if you wish you can yourself do it 🙂 there is OBE programme of NIOS so one could opt for that if one is keen

  3. Geetha

    Thank you very much for your response. I heard NIOS is typically for 10th and 12th exams. Are there assessments for in between grades as well like a 4th,5th etc. Also if you could specify how to appear for Asset and olympiad exams as a homeschooler that would help.


  4. Mukta Bhave Ketkar


    My son is 15 months old and I am thinking about this homeschooling option. I am educated through regular school but I have observed that regular classroom sessions I did not enjoy as much I enjoyed doing various projects on different subjects. Our school was very pro about learning through project method in which we use to do choose a subject, do research on it through books, Internet, experts and learn. I still clearly remember all I have learned through project method, but I do not remember much that I have learned through classroom method. I want my child to enjoy his learning.
    Also I post graduated in one subject and later followed my passion in acting and now I earn through that. I feel I wasted many years in doing the post graduation, it would have been better if I would have used that time to find out my passion. I feel my child could find his passion early if he goes by homeschooling.
    One more question is
    1.How much time I have to dedicate for this? Should I have to give up my career n give my all time here?
    2. Do u homeschoolers follow any specific curriculum and go by that? Which curriculum?

  5. u can contact on 9549471851
    i am doing homeschooing for my daughter
    or u can give me your no. if u wish we can add you in whatsapp homeschooling group

    • Aditi Gupte

      Hi I have saved your number. I live in Singapore. May I call you this weekend? I am planning to homeschool my son who is six. I need help and guidance in this regard.

    • Kalpana

      Kindly interested in this concept and started my journey from my 3 yrs daughter kindly add me in 9884976441

  6. Sheetal soni

    Hello I’m considering home schooling formy daughters 9th & 10th .does anyone have a clue how to go about it .shes doing the IGCSE CURRICULUM currently .any one I can talk to regarding home schooling in mumbai.

    • Tara

      Same here. We can exchange phone no through gmail

  7. Aahana H M


    I’m currently doing my 8th standard in CBSE and I want to homeschool myself in IGCSE from 9th. But my only worry is if Indian universities will not accept me after my 12th. I want to join Indian Institute of Science for my graduation. Please help.


    • Jitendra Gupta

      only worry is if Indian universities will not accept me after my 12th. I want to join Indian Institute of Science for my graduation. Please help.

      In response to this question I will say don’t worry iisc see only jee and 12th score from recognized board and not type of schooling.
      I hope answered your questio. For more inquiry you can call me on mob no
      Physics tutor jitendra Gupta
      Mumbai 9096874889/7977696968

  8. Anupama singh

    Hello everyone, i m mother of a 4 year old kid. Want to teach him through homeschooling. I m from lucknow, U.P.. Is anyone here on this portal from lucknow then plz help me and guide me how could i do it properly.

    • Hi Anupama,

      We are an educational start-up company based out of Lucknow and are exploring the possibility of creating a support system for homeschooling families. We have have some experience with interacting & closely observing families who have successfully done homeschooling for 10+ years. Please let us know if we can connect and be of help.

      You can contact me at 8756-999-888.


  9. Looking for someone homeschooler to come and share their perspectives and experiences on homeschooling/personalized learning, during a meetup of Education and EdTech enthusiasts at Chennai

  10. Pretom Malo

    post graduation is possible in HOMESCHOOLING?

  11. Prathuraj Dandawate

    Home schooling is becoming a need as school founders have made it a buisness and govt is prtending to provide the facility but with zero effectiveness.

  12. Saritha

    My daughter is 6 years, she is autistic and ADHD features, most of the schools are not allowing special kids. home schooling concept is suitable for special kids.please suggest me what to do

  13. Nice blog and thanks for sharing the post.

  14. Mukund

    I m planning to homeschool my 8 years old son from next session…which board is the best we should go for?pls share your experiences

  15. Hello,

    Great Post. It’s very Useful Information. In Future, Hope To See More Post. Thanks You For Sharing.

  16. Divyaa

    I’m very interested in homeschooling. Just got to read and know about homeschooling.
    I live in Cochin.can someone help me connect with the homeschooling community please.

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